Alcohol Biosensor Study

Get paid $300 ($200 for attending all three laboratory sessions & $100 for reaching >70% compliance with on-the-go ambulatory participation surveys)!

Much like a fit-bit, transdermal monitors measure the amount of alcohol you have consumed through a sensor that rests on your skin’s surface. The study we’re conducting right now is the first big study to look at the relationship between these transdermal sensor readings and breathalyzer data, with the aim of accurately monitoring alcohol consumption.

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Study Requirements:

  • 21 years of age or older (ID required)
  • Able and willing to consume alcohol
  • Attend all three laboratory sessions
  • Maintain compliance for 14 days with participation in daily breathalyzers and continual wear of the transdermal watch during everyday activities

During your experiment:

You will be scheduled for three laboratory visits separated by 7 days. During these laboratory sessions you will wear the transdermal sensor, provide breathalyzer readings, and engage in a variety of experimental tasks. Also over this same 14 day period, you will wear a compact transdermal watch during regular activities and provide regular BAC readings on a keychain breathalyzer.

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