Notable in the ARL

dani-talia-internship-picTwo of the ARL graduate students are starting their internships in Fall 2022! Talia Ariss (left) successfully matched to VA Puget Sound Health Care System in Seattle. Dani Kang (right) successfully matched to the University of Washington clinical psychology internship.

Walter news picWalter James Venerable III successfully proposed his dissertation: Longitudinal examination of attachment, social reward, and alcohol consumption in young adults.

Dani Kang successfully proposed her dissertation: Understanding a neurocognitive marker of alcohol cue salience: A combined laboratory-ambulatory investigation.

Talia Ariss’ paper exploring the impact of alcohol on gaze behavior was accepted to the journal Clinical Psychological Science.

coco-news-picLab alum Coco Yu’s meta-analysis examining the validity of transdermal alcohol sensor data was accepted to the journal Addiction.

rashmi-news-picRashmi Ghonasgi graduated from the University of Illinois with distinction, and earned honorable mention in the LAS undergraduate research symposium competition.